Voit Gym

Voit Gym is not made by Huck Products. We make an upgraded much stronger replacement wheel.

If your wheels look like the picture below, our wheels will fit and be a significant improvement. We have incorporated two bearings instead of the original single bearing to add strength. When reinstalling our wheels you will not need the small plastic bushing that is in the original installation. We provide stainless steel washer spacers to fill in the gap.

Original Voit Wheels

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Huck Products, Exercise Equipment, Monroe, TN

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Disclaimer We are Huck Products, a manufacturer of upgraded parts for the Total Gym® and other gyms.  We are not Total Gym Fitness, LLC® the makers of the excellent Total Gym® line of exercise equipment, or EuroGym, Voit Gym, VigorFit Gym, Weider Gym, Omni Gym, Fast Track, or any other gym equipment manufacturer.  Our parts are very high quality after-market replacements and are not official or endorsed by Total Gym Fitness, LLC®, or any of the other manufacturers.