Through our years of experience we have developed a number of helpful hints to benefit you.

By the way, if you fold or unfold your Total Gym, we strongly recommend taking the glide-board off first. There are two reasons for this. We have talked with a number of people who have gotten an upper wheel stuck at the pivot point between the upper and lower rails. This turns the Total Gym frame into a giant nut-cracker with an incredible amount of leverage and can dent or break the wheel. There is so Total Gym Replacement Partsmuch leverage that you may not even feel the resistance as the wheel damage is happening.

The other reason to take the glide-board off is that the glide-board can shield your fingers from your view and you cannot see the impending doom about to happen to your finger getting caught at that pivot point. I know this from experience. My finger was just 3/16″ thick for a short time while I was folding our TG 3000. There was sufficient pain to cause me to promise myself never to fold or unfold the TG with the glide-board on ever again!

Your fingers can assume interesting new shapes if they get caught in there. It only takes a few seconds to remove the glide-board. First raise the glide-board to a steep angle, then disconnect the pulley from the upper underside of the glide-board, and then slide the board all the way up the rails and lift it off since it is not captured up there. If the Total Gym is folded up, after disconnecting the pulley, just slide it off the rails.

We also recommend that you run your finger down all four rails (two uppers and two lower rails) feeling for rough spots projecting up into the path of the wheels (the wheels will roll over small voids without adverse consequences).

If you find any rough spots, we recommend filing or sanding with progressively finer sand-paper starting with maybe 320-400 grit and ending with maybe 800-1000 grit and then wax the rails with some car wax to seal and protect.

If you have smooth rails and don’t accidentally abuse the wheels while folding or something, these wheels should last almost forever.

If you have a squat-stand or Pilates bar, we recommend removing it when you are not using it. Even though it may seem like a great place to store it, it is not. If the cable snaps due to metal fatigue when you are high up on the rails, you will slide down rather quickly and if the squat-stand is in place, that is where you will stop. It would be better to slide out on the floor and decelerate more gently. One customer broke two toes on his squat stand when his cable broke, and another almost broke his neck while exercising up-side-down on the glide-board.

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